27 Foods That Start With N

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foods that start with n
You search for foods that start with N ends here; we've researched and got about 27 foods begiining with N here.

This article is about foods that start with N.

If you’ve had trouble knowing foods that start with N, we did the research – worry not, the list below will have all the foods that start with N.

Also, before getting started, it is to keep in mind that the list we have below will have foods, fluids, plants, and anything edible – all of these we will be referring to as foods in this article.

We also have pages for both fruits that start with N and vegetables that start with N if that’s what you’re looking for.

With that being said, let’s get started with sharing foods beginning with N.

Foods that start with N:

foods that start with N

Following are the foods beginning with N in case you’ve had no idea and wanted to educate yourself more on foods and edibles.

1 – Naan (or nan):

Naan is a leavened bread that is baked in a clay oven in Pakistan and India.

2 – Nantua:

Nantua is a white sauce with shrimp butter and whipping cream.

3 – Nasturtium:

Nasturtium is a term used for seeds, flowers, and leaves that are all used as seasoning.

4 – Natal Plum:

Natal plum is a plum-like fruit of a South African plant.

5 – Nankhatai:

Nankhatai are shortbread biscuits that are commonly found in Pakistan and India.

6 – Nutmeg Melon:

Nutmeg melon is one of fruits of many varieties of muskmelon vine.

7 – Nutmeg:

Nutmeg is a seed and the name of the tree the seed belongs to.

8 – Nougat:

Nougat is a term used for fruit or nuts pieces in a sugar paste.

9 – Noodle:

Noodle is a ribbon-like strip of pasta.

10 – Nectar:

Nectar is a fruit juice when undiluted.

11 – Nectarine:

Nectarine is a variety of peach that has a smooth skin.

12 – Negus:

Negus is a term used for hot water and wine with lemon juice, sugar, and nutmeg.

13 – Nesselrode:

Nesselrode is a frozen pudding that is made of chopped maraschino cherroes, chestnuts, candied fruits, and rum or liqueur.

14 – Netted Melon:

Netted melon is one of fruits of many varieties of muskmelon vine.

15 – Nipa:

Nipa is a monotypic genus of palms of New Zealand, Australia, and neighboring countries in the South Pacific.

16 – Nonpareil:

Nonpareil is a term used for a flat disk of chocolate that is covered with beads of colored sugar, used as a topping on cookies and candies.

17 – Nashi Pear:

Nashi pear or Asian pear is a fruit of the size and shape of apple, therefore, also called apple pear.

18 – Navel Oranges:

Navel orange is a kind of oranges from Citrus aurantium.

19 – Nasi Goreng:

Nasi goreng is an Indonesian rice dish that also contains meat and vegetables in it.

20 – Neep (or Turnip):

Neep, also known as turnip, is a root vegetable that is commonly grown in temperature climates worldwide.

21 – Nettle:

Nettle is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae.

22 – Nuggets:

Nuggets, or chicken nuggets to be precise, are chicken products made from chicken meat that is first breaded or battered and then baked or fried.

This is another food that starts with N.

23 – Nori:

Nori is a Japanese term used for edible seaweed species of the red algae genus called Pyropia.

24 – Nigella Seed:

Nigella seed also known as black seed is a seed from the plant of the family Ranunculaceae, native to Southwest and South Asia.

25 – Nachos:

Nachos is a Mexican dish that contains headed tortilla chips or totopos covered in melted cheese.

26 – Nuts:

A nut is a fruit that has a shell (inedible) and a seed that is edible.

A wide variety of dried fruits is also referred to as nuts.

27 – Nutella:

Nutella is a jar of chocolate spread and also a name of the company selling the chocolate jars.

This is all there is, until now, about foods that start with N.

Do you know any other that we missed in the list? Comment below and we’ll add it.

Also, it is hard to list them all because of language and country barriers – there sure are 100s of foods that start with N but no one on the planet earth knows them all.

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