131 Foods That Start With B

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foods that start with b
Ther are about 131 foods that start with B we have found until now - and the list is open to more additions as well.

This article is about foods that start with B.

If you’ve had trouble knowing foods that start with B, we did the research – worry not, the list below will have all the foods that start with B.

Also, before getting started, it is to keep in mind that the list we have below will have foods, fluids, plants, and anything edible – all of these we will be referring to as foods in this article.

We also have pages for both fruits that start with B and vegetables that start with B if that’s what you’re looking for.

With that being said, let’s get started with sharing foods beginning with B.

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Foods that start with B:

foods that start with B

Following are the foods beginning with B in case you’ve had no idea and wanted to educate yourself more on foods and edibles.

1 – Bacon:

Bacon is a sides and back of a hog that is salted and smoked or dried.

2 – Bagel (or Beigel):

Bagel is a doughnut-shaped roll that has a hard crust.

3 – Baguet (or Baguette):

Baguet is a narrow French stick loaf.

4 – Baklava:

Baklava is a Middle Eastern cake that is made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with honey and nuts.

5 – Baldwin:

Baldwin is an American eating apple that comes in yellow and red skin.

6 – Banana:

Banana is an elongated yellow fruit that has a soft flesh.

This is one of popular foods that start with B.

7 – Banger:

Banger is a pork sausage.

8 – Bannock:

Bannock is a flat bread that is made of barley or oat flour.

9 – Bap:

Bap is a small roll or loaf of a soft bread.

10 – Barbados Cherry:

Barbados cherries are cherry-like fruits that are red or yellow in color, rich in Vitamin C.

11 – Barbados Gooseberry:

Barbados gooseberry is a small orange to yellow fruit of the Barbados gooseberry cactus, used in jellies and desserts.

12 – Barbecue (or Barbeque):

Barbecue is meat that is grilled or barbecued in sauces.

13 – Barley (or Barleycorn):

Barley is a grain that is grown on barley plant.

14 – Barmbrack:

Barmbrack is a rich currant bun or cake.

15 – Bartlett:

Bartlett is a juicy, yellow pear.

16 – Basil:

Basil are leaves of basil herb, used dried or fresh.

17 – Bass:

Bass is a fresh-water fish found in North America.

18 – Batter:

Batter is a liquid mixture that is made of eggs, milk, and flour, used in cooking.

19 – Battercake:

Battercake is a flat cake of thin batter that is fried on both sides of the griddle.

This is another one of many popular foods beginning with B.

20 – Baba:

Baba is a small cake that is leavened with yeast.

21 – Babka:

Babka is a coffee cake that is flavored with almonds, raisins, and orange rind.

22 – Beach Plum:

Beach plum is a small, dark purple fruit used in jellies or jams and pies.

23 – Beans:

Beans are any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae.

24 – Bearnaise:

Bearnaise is a sauce that is made with white wine, shallots, and tarragon.

25 – Beaujolais:

Beaujolais is a wine that is drunk after months of it being made.

26 – Bechamel:

Bechamel is a milk that is thickened with flour roux and butter.

27 – Beechnut:

Beechnut is a small edible nut from beech trees.

28 – Beef (or Boeuf):

Beef is a meat from any adult domestic bovine.

29 – Beefburger:

Beefburger is a sandwich that contains minced beef served on a bun.

30 – Beer:

Beer is a term used for alcoholic beverage that is made by fermenting a cereal, flavored with hogs.

This is another food that starts with B.

31 – Beet (or Beetroot):

Beet is a round red root vegetable.

32 – Beignet:

Beignet is a yeast-raised, deep-fried doughnut that is dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

33 – Bell Pepper:

Bell pepper is a large, bell-shaped sweet pepper.

34 – Benedictine:

Benedictine is a French liqueur that is made by Benedictine monks.

35 – Benniseed:

Benniseeds are small, oval seeds of sesame plant.

36 – Bercy:

Bercy is a butter that is creamed with parsley, white wine, and shallots.

37 – Berry:

Berries are any of many pulpy and small edible fruits.

This is one of popular foods that start with B.

38 – Beverage:

Beverage is a term used for any liquid that is drinkable.

39 – Bialy (or Bialystoker):

Bialy is an onion roll with crusty bottom.

40 – Bigos:

Bigos is a polish stew of meat and cabbage.

41 – Bilberry:

Bilberries are blueberry-like berries that are blue or black in color.

42 – Biltong:

Biltong is a term used for meat that is cut into strips, salted, and put in the sun for drying.

43 – Birds:

Birds are flying vertebrates used as food as well.

44 – Biryani (or Biriani):

Biryani is a Pakistani and Indian rice dish with meat, fish, or vegetables.

45 – Biscuit:

Biscuit is a small flat sweet cake.

46 – Bismark:

Bismark is a raised doughnut that is filled with jam or jelly.

47 – Bisque:

Bisque is a cream soup that is thick and is made from shellfish.

48 – Bitter Orange:

Bitter orange is a variety of orange that is highly acidic.

49 – Bitok:

Bitok is a dish of Russia that is made with patties of ground meat and is served with a sauce of sour cream.

50 – Black Cherry

Black cherries are any of various fruits of cherry tree that have a sweet flesh.

51 – Black Currant:

Black currant are small black berries used in jellies or jams.

52 – Black Pepper:

Black pepper is a type of pepper that is ground from whole peppercorns.

53 – Black Salsify:

Black salsify is an herb that has narrow leaves with yellow flower heads and edible roots like carrots.

54 – Blackheart:

Blackheart is a heart cherry that has a dark flesh.

55 – Blanc:

Blanc is a white sauce of broth, fat, and vegetables.

56 – Blackberry:

Blackberries are dark purple edible fruits of any of numerous bushes of the genus Rubus.

57 – Blancmange:

Blancmange is a milk mudding that is thickened with cornstarch or gelatin.

58 – Bleu:

Bleu is a cheese that contains a blue mold.

59 – Blintz:

Blintz is a thin pancake that is baked or fried.

60 – Bliny:

Bliny is a Russian pancake of yeast and buckwheat flour.

61 – Bloater:

Bloater is fatty herring that is briefly smoked and slightly salted before eaten.

62 – Bloody Mary:

Bloody Mary is a cocktail that is made with spicy tomato juice and vodka.

63 – Blowfish:

Blowfish is a type of marine fishes that contains a potent nerve poison.

However, some people still eat blowfish.

64 – Blueberry:

Blueberries are berries that are edible and have dark blue color, from blueberry plants.

65 – Bluefin:

Bluefin is the largest tuna.

This is another popular food beginning with B.

66 – Bluefish:

Bluefish is a small, warm-water marine fish.

67 – Bluepoint:

Bluepoint are oysters that are from the southern shore of Long Island, usually eaten raw.

68 – Bootleg:

Bootleg is a whiskey that is illegally distilled from a corn mash.

69 – Booze:

Booze is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented.

70 – Borage:

Borage is an herb whose leaves are used to flavor punches and sauces.

71 – Bordeaux:

Bordeaux are any of numerous white and red wines that are produced around Bordeaux, France.

72 – Bordelaise:

Bordelaise is a brown sauce that comes with red wine and beef marrow.

72 – Borscht:

Borscht is a Polish or Russian soup that contains beet juice.

73 – Bosc:

Bosc is a greenish-yellow pear.

74 – Bouchee:

Bouchee is a shell of puff paste.

75 – Bouillabaisse:

Bouillabaisse is a stew or soup of fish or shellfish with tomatoes and onions, seasoned with garlic, saffron, and numerous herbs.

76 – Bouillon:

Bouillon is a clear seasoned broth.

77 – Bourbon:

Bourbon is a type of whiskey that is distilled from the corn mash, malt, and rye.

78 – Bovril:

Bovril is an extract of beef that is given to ill people.

79 – Boxberry:

Boxberry is spicy, berry-like fruit.

80 – Boysenberry:

Boysenberry is a large, raspberry-flavored fruit.

81 – Bock:

Bock is a term used for a very strong lager.

82 – Bok Choy:

Bok choy is an Asiatic plant with elongated head of dark green leaves and white stalks.

83 – Bologna:

Bologna is a sausage of veal, beef, and pork.

84 – Bomber:

Bomber is a large sandwich that is filled with meats and cheese.

85 – Bonbon:

Bonbon is a candy with fruits or nuts, coated in chocolate.

86 – Bonito:

Bonito is a type of scombroid fishes that is smaller than tuna.

87 – Bran:

Bran is a food that is prepared from the husk of cereal grains.

88 – Brandy:

Brandy is distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

89 – Brandyball:

Brandyball is a candy flavored with brandy.

90 – Brandysnap:

Brandysnap is a gingersnap that is flavored with brandy.

91 – Bratwurst:

Bratwurst is a very small pork sausage.

92 – Brazil Nut:

Brazil nut is three-sided nut with white flesh and hard shell.

93 – Bread:

Bread is a food that is made from the dough of flour.

94 – Breadcrumb:

Breadcrumb is a crumb (a small piece) of bread.

95 – Breadfruit:

Breadfruit is a seeded or seedless fruit with a texture like bread.

96 – Breadstick:

Breadstick is a crisp, stick-shaped roll.

97 – Bream:

Bream is a type of fish found in salt waters.

98 – Brew (or Brewage):

Brew is a drink that is made by fermenting rather than distilling.

99 – Bridecake:

Bridecake is a cake that has 2 or more tiers and is covered with decorations, served at wedding.

100 – Brie:

Brie is a creamy, soft white cheese.

101 – Brine:

Brine is a solution of water and salt.

102 – Brioche:

Brioche is a roll that is rich with butter and eggs.

103 – Brisket:

Brisket is a cut of meat from chest area, especially of beef.

104 – Brisling:

Brisling is a small, fatty European fish.

105 – Brittle:

Brittle is caramelized sugar that is cooled in thin sheets.

106 – Broad Bean:

Broad beans are edible beans from broad bean plant.

107 – Broccoli:

Broccoli is a plant with tight green flower buds.

108 – Broiler:

Broiler is a flesh of small, young chicken.

109 – Broth:

Broth is a thin soup of fish, meat, or vegetables.

110 – Brownie:

Brownie is a bar or square of chocolate cake that usually comes with nuts.

111 – Butty:

Butty is a term used for sandwich.

112 – Buckwheat:

Buckwheat is a grain ground into flour.

113 – Buffalo:

Buffalo is a large, brown bison of North America whose meat is eaten in a few countries.

114 – Buffalofish:

Buffalofish is a carp-like fish found in North America.

115 – Bulgur:

Bulgur is parched crushed wheat.

116 – Bullshot:

Bullshot is a cocktail that is made with beef bouillon and vodka.

117 – Bun:

Bun is a small, rounded bread.

118 – Bunya Bunya:

Bunya bunya are seeds that taste like chestnut.

119 – Burger:

Burger is a sandwich of minced beef served on a bun.

120 – Burgoo:

Burgoo is a porridge that is made of rolled oats.

121 – Burgundy:

Burgundy is red table wine that is produced in Burgundy region.

122 – Burrito:

Burrito is a flour tortilla that is rolled around a filling.

123 – Burton:

Burton is a dark, strong English ale.

124 – Butter:

Butter is an edible emulsion of fat globules made by churning cream or milk.

125 – Butter Beans:

Butter beans are small, edible green beans that are similar to lima beans.

126 – Buttercrunch:

Buttercrunch is a lettuce with crunchy leaves.

127 – Butterfish:

Butterfish is a small fish that has a compressed body.

128 – Buttermilk:

Buttermilk is residue from making butter.

129 – Butternut:

Butternut is an egg-shaped nut of the walnut family.

130 – Butterscotch:

Butterscotch is a candy made with brown sugar and candy.

131 – Butternut Squash:

Butternut squash is a type of squash that has straight neck and orange flesh.

This is all there is, until now, about foods that start with B.

Do you know any other that we missed in the list? Comment below and we’ll add it.

Also, it is hard to list them all because of language and country barriers – there sure are 100s of foods that start with B but no one on the planet earth knows them all.

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