20 Foods That Start With V

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foods that start with v
Are you looking for foods that start with V? This is all we could find so far about the foods beginning with the letter V.

This article is about the foods that start with V.

Foods beginning with V are many and you know about most of them already we believe.

We gathered around 20 foods that start with V.

However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the list below will have foods as well as fluids, recipes, and ingredients used in those recipes – not just foods like veggies or fruits.

We also have pages for both fruits that start with V and vegetables that start with V if that’s what you’re looking for.

With that being said, let’s get started with knowing more about the foods that start with V.

20 Foods That Start With V:

foods that start with V

Following are some of the top recipes, fluids, food ingredients, and foods that start with V that we could find.

1 – Venison:

For those who don’t know, venison is a word used for the meat of deer.

It is referred to any part of the deer as long as it is consumable.

2 – Vodka:

This one we believe is a common one.

Vodka is an distilled alcoholic beverage that originates from Russia and Poland.

It is primarily composed of water and ethanol.

3 – Vermont’s Cheddar Cheese:

Cheddar cheese is a hard, off-white natural cheese whereas Vermont’s cheddar cheese is the cheese that doesn’t contain annatto – whether or not they are produced in Vermont.

This is another one of many foods that start with V.

4 – Vol-au-vent:

Vol-au-vent, a small hollow case of puff pastry, is a food typically made by cutting two circles in rolled out puff pastry.

5 – Vanilla:

A flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla is called Vanilla.

Vanilla is used for flavoring different edibles like ice creams for instance.

6 – Vanilla Ice Cream:

An ice cream with vanilla flavor is another food that starts with V.

7 – Vienna Sausage:

Vienna sausage is a parboiled sausage that is very thin and is traditionally made of beef and pork, covered in sheep’s intestine.

8 – Vichyssoise:

We believe you haven’t heard of this one – and if not, Vichyssoise is a soup that is thick in nature and is made of pureed and boiled leeks, potatoes, cream, chicken stock, and onions.

It is usually eaten cold but it can also be eaten hot – eating cold is the traditional way of eating Vichyssoise.

9 – Veal:

Veal is very common and one of foods that start with V.

Veal is a term used for the meat of calf from dairy cows.

10 – Verjuice:

Verjuice is a liquid made from unripe grapes to heighten the flavor of sauces in your meals/ recipes when cooking.

Due to its price being a little expensive than vinegar though, verjuice started to be replaced by vinegar.

11 – Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil is the oil that is made from any vegetable source like nuts, seeds, and plants.

12 – Vinegar:

Vinegar is a solution used in the cooking for flavoring and for other chemical properties.

It is an acidic liquid that is made through fermentation.

13 – Vermicelli Noodles:

Vermicelli noodles is the type of noodles that is found in Asia.

It is also known as cellophane noodles, Chinese vermicelli, harusame, beanthread vermicelli, and glass noodles.

14 – Vegetable Spaghetti:

Vegetable spaghetti is a type of spaghetti that is low in carbohydrates, free from fat, and gluten-free.

It is also known as spaghetti squash.

15 – Vada Pav:

Vada pav is another one of many foods beginning with V.

It is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra.

16 – Vanaspati:

Vanaspati is a term used for the vegetable oil in India.

17 – Vindaloo:

An Indian curry dish, Vindaloo is also a food beginning with V.

It is most popular in the region of Goa, India.

18 – Velvet Beans:

Velvet beans is a tropical legume native to tropical Asia and Africa.

It is also known as Mucuna pruriens.

19 – Vermouth:

An aromatized, fortified white wine, vermouth is a variety of wine that is very popular.

20 – Valerian Tea:

Valerian tea is a tea that is made of Valerian, a perennial flowering plant native to Asia and Europe.

There are many more foods that start with V but it’s hard to know them all because of culture and language barriers.

Do you know any of them that is not listed here? Please leave a comment below and we’ll add it after researching.

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The information contained within this article and overall site is merely for informational purposes and is based on historical facts. Please always consult with your dietitian before creating a diet plan for yourself.

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