32 Foods That Start With D

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foods that start with d
This list of foods that start with D that we have has 32 foods. Do you know of any other food that you think we missed here?

This article is about foods that start with D.

If you’ve had trouble knowing foods that start with D, we did the research – worry not, the list below will have all the foods that start with D.

Also, before getting started, it is to keep in mind that the list we have below will have foods, fluids, plants, and anything edible – all of these we will be referring to as foods in this article.

We also have pages for both fruits that start with D and vegetables that start with D if that’s what you’re looking for.

With that being said, let’s get started with sharing foods beginning with D.

Foods that start with D:

foods that start with D

Following are the foods beginning with D in case you’ve had no idea and wanted to educate yourself more on foods and edibles.

1 – Dahl:

Dahl is a highly nutritional seed of pigeon-pea plant.

2 – Daiquiri:

Daiquiri is a cocktail that is made with lime or lemon juice and rum.

3 – Damson (or Damson Plum):

Damson is a dark purple plum found on the damson tree.

4 – Dandelion Green:

Dandelion green are edible, green leaves collected from the wild and used in salads or in the making of wine.

5 – Danish:

Danish is a roll that is filled with cheese or fruits.

6 – Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is a variety of black teas found in northern India.

7 – Dasheen:

Dasheen is a tropical starchy tuberous root.

8 – Date:

Date is a sweet fruit that has a long seed.

This is one of popular foods that start with D.

9 – Decaf:

Decaf is a coffee that has no caffeine in it.

10 – Demerara:

Demerara is a dark rum from Guyana.

11 – Demitasse:

Demitasse is a strong black coffee without cream or milk.

12 – Dessert:

Dessert is a dish that is served as the last course of the meal.

13 – Dewberry:

Dewberry is a blackberry-like fruit that is edible.

14 – Dill:

Dill is a herb used as seasoning.

15 – Dip:

Dip is a tasty liquid or mixture into which bite-sized foods are dipped before eaten.

16 – Divinity:

Divinity is a fudge made with egg whites.

17 – Dodger:

Dodger is a small, oval-shaped cake of corn bread.

18 – Dolmas:

Dolmas is a term used for rice braised or simmered in stock.

19 – Dolphinfish:

Dolphinfish is a large, sky-blue colored fish that is often found in Hawaii and is eaten in few countries.

20 – Donut (or Doughnut):

Donut is a friedcake that is ring-shaped.

21 – Dowdy:

Dowdy is an apple dessert that is covered with rich crust.

22 – Dough:

Dough is a flour mixture that is stiff enough to be rolled or kneaded.

23 – Doughboy:

Doughboy is a round lump of dough that is served as hot bread after being fried.

24 – Draft (or Draught):

Draft is a serving of an alcoholic drink drawn from a keg.

25 – Dragee:

Dragee are candy beads that are used to decorate cakes.

26 – Drambuie:

Drambuie is a sweet, Scotch whiskey liqueur.

27 – Duck:

Duck is a swimming bird with short legs that is eaten as a food in few countries.

28 – Dripping:

Dripping is a fat that drips from the meat during roasting or frying.

29 – Drumstick:

Drumstick is the lower joint of the leg of a fowl.

30 – Duckling:

Duckling is when a duck is young.

31 – Dumpling:

Dumpling are small strips or balls of dough that are steamed or boiled.

32 – Durian:

Durian is a fruit native to southeastern Asia.

This is all there is, until now, about foods that start with D.

Do you know any other that we missed in the list? Comment below and we’ll add it.

Also, it is hard to list them all because of language and country barriers – there sure are 100s of foods that start with D but no one on the planet earth knows them all.

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