When To Eat Dinner | The Best Time To Eat Dinner Before Bed

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when to eat dinner
There isn't the one-size-fits-all answer to when to eat dinner but this is when you should be eating your dinner for a healthy lifestyle.

When you make your schedule to eat, do you end up choosing to eat late or earlier?

The fact that both foods that help your overall system and time to eat these foods matter, leaves us with nothing but a desire to know the perfect time to eat.

This is what this article is about.

When to eat dinner or what is the best time to eat dinner before bed is the next query we answer in this article after getting done with when to eat breakfast.

We try to provide you with a complete eating schedule by posting these best-time articles so you don’t have to worry anymore but focus on the main part: getting healthier.

If you have no clue why it matters to pay attention to the times you eat your meals at, it’s because what you eat and when you eat it result in overall outcome.

Earlier, we would argue that a calorie is a calorie and that it doesn’t matter when you consume it – but that has changed since decades now; knowing when the consumption of calories should take place is essential to one’s knowledge in order to get healthy.

Eating healthy at the wrong time, for instance, can not aid you enough to get most of the benefits out of the food you are consuming.

Another reason a wrong time can affect your body or system is the fact that eating something prior to going bed can leave your digestive system working, therefore, not allowing you to sleep better but experience various issues with your health state.

Also, when you eat something late at night, the calories are stored as fats in your body rather than energy, leaving you obese.

With that being said, it is clearer that you need not only to look into what you are consuming but also pay close attention to the time you consume these edibles – only then can you be assure of a healthy lifestyle.

How to plan your dinner?


Planning your dinner is crucial as it leaves you with nothing but a healthy body state.

In fact, one study shows that if you’re eating right foods at the right time for dinner, your chances of having cancer lower by up to 20%.

If that isn’t something that should kick-start your struggle with eating right and at the right time, then we’re not sure what is.

That said, you must have a clue of how to plan your dinner.

To do that, you need both the list of foods to eat for dinner and also the right time to eat these edibles.

Since this article is about the best time to eat dinner before bed, we won’t go into answering what you should be eating for your dinner.

When to eat dinner?

when to eat dinner

There isn’t a perfect hour to be eating your dinner like 8:00 PM or something because every person’s sleeping schedule is different.

However, there surely exists the perfect time.

The best time to eat dinner before bed based on science and research is 4 to 6 hours; eating 4 to 6 hours prior to going bed is perfect as it allows your body to have enough time for digestion and getting nutrients of the edibles you consume.

It is at this time that your body is active, therefore, converting the calories into energy instead of fats, making you to get into shape and be fit.

As the time passes by and you get closer to going to sleep, your body’s activity levels also fall down, making it not being able to convert the calories into energy but fats, causing obesity and many more issues.

For example, if you end up not eating dinner 4 to 6 hours before sleeping, this is what will happen to you and your body:

  1. Impairment in blood sugar regulation.
  2. Altered hormone function.
  3. Inflammation.
  4. Weight gain.
  5. Elevated triglycerides and cholesterol.
  6. Impaired memory.
  7. Increased risk of heart attack.
  8. Increased risk of cancer.
  9. More chances of early death.

If you notice the type of issues linked to eating late, you will want to minimize them and opt for something that benefits instead: eating earlier.

We are not sure about you but we definitely not want any of these to happen to us so we try to eat as early as we can before we leave for bed.

Also, this when to eat lunch if you have no clue.

What if you can’t eat 4 to 6 hours before bed?

It totally makes sense that the time period set for the gap between dinner and sleeping is huge and not many people have enough time on their hand.

If a person who sleeps at 9:00 PM, for instance, choose to follow the 4-6 hours rule, he/ she will end up eating dinner at 5:00 PM – that is way earlier to have dinner, especially after you’ve just eaten lunch.

What is the workaround here?

Based on another research and many more studies that are published thus far, it is also possible and advised that you limit your time to be at least 2 hours before going to bed.

And now that you are left with 2 hours gap between dinner and sleep, you should have no issues and excuses for not being able to eat 2 hours prior to going bed – even if you are a person who sleeps at 9:00 PM.

With that being said, what we learned is that:

  1. It is best to eat 4 to 6 hours before you sleep – that is easier when you sleep late at night.
  2. If you sleep earlier, you can lower the gap between dinner and sleep to at least 2 hours.

This is all there is to answer when to eat dinner or what the best time to eat dinner before bed is.

Next time you plan to eat your dinner, take a note of when you eat your food as well, not just what you eat – this allows your body to take most out of the edibles you are eating, helping you to get in shape and become healthier.

Let’s know more about you now.

What type of person are you?

Do you sleep earlier or are you a night owl?

Let us know in the comments’ section along with the problems you have with your eating schedule and we will try to help if we can.


A. There is no specific time to eat dinner – you can’t say the best time to eat dinner is 11:00 PM.

B. The time for dinner changes with your sleeping schedule.

C. If you sleep late at night, you should aim for eating at least 4 hours before bed.

D. If you sleep earlier, try lowering the gap between dinner and sleep to at least 2 hours.

E. It is crucial that you pay close attention to what you are eating as well as when you eat them.

F. Eating late and unhealthily can leave you with many health issues including heart diseases.

G. If you eat earlier, the chances of cancer are lowered by up to 20%.

H. You need both the list of foods to eat and when to eat them in order to make an eating schedule.

I. An eating schedule is effective as it guides you toward a healthy lifestyle.

J. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to when to eat dinner.

K. People wouldn’t take time for consumption of calories seriously back in the days, but that has changed now – it is important that you know when you consume your calories in order to be healthy.

L. If you end up eating late at night, your body stores the calories as fats instead of energy, leaving you obese.

M. Activity levels of your body have a direct link with your body’s ability to consume calories and convert them into either fats or energy.


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The information contained within this article and overall site is merely for informational purposes and is based on historical facts. Please always consult with your dietitian before creating a diet plan for yourself.