Here’s What To Eat (And Drink) Before Bed For Better Sleep

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what to eat before bed
There are many foods that answer what to eat before bed like banana, kiwi, fatty fish, walnuts, white rice, and so on. Let's discuss them one by one.

What to eat before bed for better sleep and to be healthy is the next query from our mailbox we are covering in this article. And it’s just as important as answering what not to eat before bed; foods to avoid before bed ensure your healthiness and prevent obesity while foods to eat before bed promote good sleep and healthy lifestyle. This makes it clearer that you’d need to pay the same importance to this query as you would to foods to avoid before bed.

In case you don’t know, sleep is one of the factors to a healthy body. If you are not getting the required amount of sleep or your sleep is interrupted due to different issues, you may experience a weird state of mind and unrelaxed system.

There are many techniques you can try to promote better sleep and food is one of them.

With that being said, it’s crucial for you to know about edibles you should be eating before going to bed. Not only will they promote better sleep but also help you in getting healthier.

Let’s get started with what to eat before bed for better sleep and healthy lifestyle.

What to eat before bed:

Following are the foods you should eat before you leave for bed – sleep:

1 – Banana:


You might have an idea of how important it is to add a banana to your diet to increase your energy levels, but you may not know that bananas help you to sleep better as well if consumed before going to sleep.

Serotonin and melatonin found in bananas help people sleep better.

Also, magnesium found in a banana can also aid relaxing your muscles.

2 – Almonds:


Almonds have lots of health benefits one can get. Not only do they lower the risk of many chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes but also promote sleep quality.

Magnesium found in almonds enhances sleep quality; the higher the amount of magnesium found in food, the better the chances of improved and better sleep.

Almonds, especially for people with insomnia, can drastically improve your experience with sleeping – thanks to magnesium found in almonds.

Almonds are also a source of melatonin, a property that also strives to make your sleeping experience better.

This makes almonds to the list of top foods that answer what to eat before bed to promote sleep.

3 – Turkey:


Turkey, a delicious and nutritious food, is capable of providing your body with enough proteins to regulate appetite and make your muscles strong.

On top of that, you can have extra minerals and vitamins from consuming a turkey.

Protein and tryptophan found in turkey can boost tiredness, allowing you to fall asleep quickly.

However, there are no studies which could prove the links of turkey with better sleep – but properties found in turkey promote tiredness, which in return can make you fall asleep.

4 – Kiwi:


Kiwis are not only low in calories but provide many nutrients.

A medium-sized kiwi can provide you with as low as 50 calories, including 38% of all your daily needs for K Vitamin and 117% for C Vitamin.

But it’s not only these benefits that make this food answers what to eat before bed to increase sleep quality. Kiwis have serotonin, a chemical that helps regulate your sleeping cycle.

On top of that, you also get antioxidants which also add to the better-ness of your sleep.

5 – Fatty Fish:


Salmon, tuna, trout, and mackerel, also known as fatty fish, are incredibly healthy.

They are filled with lots of contents of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids – both of which, you may have heard of, help reduce inflammation, boost brain health, and lower the risk of heart-related issues.

What makes this food answer what to eat before bed is the fact that the combination of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids promote better sleep. This is because both of these properties increase serotonin, which is directly linked with your state of sleeping.

6 – Walnuts:


A popular type of tree nut, walnut is abundant in many nutrients; they provide over 19 vitamins and minerals.

Not only do they help reduce cholesterol levels but also ensure your heart to be fine and safe.

Additionally, eating walnuts can keep you full for a more extended period while also allowing you to sleep in peace – this is because of the fatty acid makeup of walnuts.

Walnuts are one of the best food sources of melatonin, the sleep-regulating hormone.

7 – White Rice:


A staple food consumed in almost every country, white rice also makes it to the list of foods to eat before bed.

People often think of white rice as free of vitamins and minerals because of their characteristics of having no bran and germ involved, making it lower in fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients. But that is wrong; white rice still ends up having some vitamins and minerals.

Its lack of fiber and carb content contribute to its high glycemic index, which enhances your overall sleep quality.

8 – Cottage Cheese:


Unlike traditional cheese, cottage cheese can promote your state of sleeping.

Cottage cheese contains enough amount of casein, a milk protein you can consume to sustain growth and overnight muscle repair.

9 – Oatmeal:


Oats are known sources of melatonin.

Oatmeal, just like white rice, can provide your body with required nutrients to promote better sleep if consumed before going to bed.

It has also been reported that oatmeals induce drowsiness.


What to drink before bed:

Now that we’re done with discussing what to eat before bed for better sleep, let’s explore fluids that you can drink prior to going to bed.

1 – Honey:


A release of melatonin can be done with consumption of only 1 teaspoon of honey.

On top of that, honey can also turn off orexin which keeps you up (alerted), so you can sleep better.

2 – Milk:


Casein found in milk can sustain growth and overnight muscle repair if consumed before bed.

It is also a source of tryptophan, which works for the enhancement of your sleeping experience.

3 – Passionflower tea:


A herbal tea, passionflower tea has been known to fight the number of diseases for many years.

Flavonoid antioxidants found in passionflower tea can lower the risk of heart-related problems, reduce inflammation, and boost immune health.

It is also known to lower down your anxiety levels, one of many factors of better sleep and sane system.

All of these properties when combined form the state of sleepiness, a healthy one.

4 – Chamomile Tea:


Chamomile tea, just like passionflower tea, can also help you with better sleep.

It is also a herbal tea which can reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and lower heart-related issues.

Apigenin found in chamomile tea promote sleepiness – drinking so will improve the quality of your sleep.

5 – Tart Cherry Juice:


High in nutrients like Vitamin A, manganese, antioxidants, and Vitamin C, tart cherry juice can not only provide your body with enough nutrients for more energy but also protect your cells from inflammation.

In addition to that, studies have found that drinking tart cherry juice can drastically improve your sleeping quality.

When to see a doctor:

We advise you to consult with your dietitian first and see if he/ she could recommend you anything based on your current body levels and or overall system.

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The information contained within this article and overall site is merely for informational purposes and is based on historical facts. Please always consult with your dietitian before creating a diet plan for yourself.

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