What To Eat (And Drink) When BP Is Low – Answered

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what to eat when bp is low
Sugar, baked goods, red meat, beef, salt, and many more foods answer what to eat when bp is low. Read more below to know about all of them.

What to eat when bp is low is a question we are asked often, especially in the past few years because the outgoings and outdoor activities have come down to 42 from 100; no one is willing to go out and play but would use an app for that. It’s not just that people are being more active on social media than going out to exercise to be healthy and fit but also the fact that we’re addicted to staying up at night, avoiding our required sleep, which is one of the keys to healthiness. All of these things when combined create an outcome of nothing but unhealthiness and diseases.

Sticking with your mobile phones for hours creates tension and fatigue which leads to getting weaker in different ways.

With that being said, it is required for you to go out, do exercise, sleep on time and for required hours (8 mainly), and eat healthily.

Let’s get started with discussing what low blood pressure is before we move to increase it to stable levels.

Low blood pressure can not be defined as the same for all; it is different for everyone. But in general, when your blood pushes against arteries with every single heartbeat and the pushing of blood against those artery walls is lowered down due to any cause, that is called low blood pressure. And since that could be caused due to anything thus defining low blood pressure is not the same for all.

In most cases, following are the reasons why blood pressure is lowered:

  • an abrupt change in position
  • vigorous exercise
  • thyroid conditions
  • endocrine disorders
  • autonomic nervous system disorders
  • extreme blood loss
  • severe infection
  • extreme allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)
  • low blood sugar
  • eating
  • dehydration
  • anemia
  • stress
  • diet
  • pregnancy
  • heart attack or heart disease
  • medications

Apart from this, you can tell whether your blood pressure is low or not by these symptoms:

  • blurry vision
  • nausea or vomiting
  • confusion or trouble concentrating
  • dizziness
  • lightheadedness
  • fainting
  • weakness

However, it is advised to work with your doctor to find out what your healthy blood pressure level is, to be safer and healthier.

What to eat when bp is low?

Now that we’re done with what low blood pressure is, with more details, it is now time for us to answer what to eat when bp is low – and that’s what this article is about.

Following are the foods you can eat when your bp (blood pressure) is low.

1 – Refined Sugar:


Lots of sugar when present in body, create more fat in that body. When one is overweight and or gains weight, his/ her blood pressure increases. Consuming refined sugar therefore is a good food to increase blood pressure.

Note: It is not advised to consume refined sugar after your blood pressure meets its required (healthy) level. Consuming more of refined sugar will make you overweight and that’s not less than a disaster.

2 – Red Meat:


Eating red meat is recommended when one wants to increase his/ her blood pressure levels. This is because red meat is a fatty food and is often topped with salt which again is an ingredient that spikes the blood pressure level.

However, consuming more red meat is dangerous for heart and blood vessels so keep its consumption balanced.

3 – Beef with Broccoli:


Beef, if prepared with broccoli, has double the amount of sodium required for one’s daily intake. It, therefore, makes sense to consume beef with broccoli to maximize the sodium intake thus causing an increase in blood pressure.

4 – Frozen Pizza:


Frozen foods are packed with lots of sodium. Frozen pizza, in the same way, is full of sodium (1,000mg of sodium packed in only a slice or two) that you can eat for both taste and your goal of increasing lowered blood pressure. It is inexpensive as well as convenient while fulfilling our goal.

5 – Baked Goods:


Baked goods are tasty but contain a lot of salt, fats, sugar, and sodium. They don’t need to have icing on them to be containing all of those ingredients; baked goods, without even icing, contain salt, sugar, fats, and sodium. Eating more of baked goods, therefore, is found to cause obesity thus raising blood pressure.

6 – Canned Tomato Products:


Tomatoes are a good source of sodium as well. A single juice of tomato can contain as much as 680mg of sodium while canned tomato products contain about 1,300mg of sodium and that’s a lot to cause weight gain and raise lowered blood pressure.

7 – Sauerkraut:


Sauerkraut is sodium-packed food again, which is often eaten with hot dogs. Its popularity might not be enough like that of red meat when it comes to answering what to eat when bp is low but sauerkraut is still the best food to increase blood pressure. One serving of sauerkraut contains about 460mg of sodium.

Sauerkraut also helps when you have loose motions/ diarrhea.

8 – Ramen noodles:


Ramen noodles, in case you do not know, contains about 1,580mg of sodium and 14g of fat which is more than enough for one’s required amount of sodium intake. Ramen noodles, however, is popular among young ones because it’s cheap compared to many filling eatables as well as tasty.

9 – Bacon:


Bacon, I mean, who doesn’t know about this one – right? People’s favorite that is packed with lots of fat. Only three slices and you’ve consumed as much as 270mg of sodium and 4.5g of fat. It is tasty as well as a good food to increase blood pressure.

10 – Donuts:


Donuts might sound unhealthy (which is true – donuts contain 43 percent fat with 300 calories and 53 percent carbohydrates) but are one of foods that can actually aid the process of raising blood pressure. One of its reasons is that when a donut is fried, saturated and trans fats are added to it, causing it to be more effective to make a person obese.

11 – Frozen Pot Pies:


A single frozen pot pie contains as much as 35g of fat and 1,400mg of sodium which is more than enough for a person to be consuming to stay in shape. For this very reason, eating a frozen pot pie can become your huge partner to raise your blood pressure.

12 – Asparagus:


Foods high in folate help a lot when answering what to eat when bp is low. Folate happens the spiking of blood pressure easier and quicker.

There are so many folate-high foods you can consume, of which, asparagus is one. Asparagus, while helping you to help increase lowered blood pressure, also aids when it comes to losing weight – this is because calories and fats found in Asparagus are lower.

13 – Garbanzo beans:


Garbanzo beans contain a lot of Vitamins, including B types of Vitamins in bulk– of which, Vitamin B-12 is one. Vitamin B-12 is found to aid when raising blood pressure, therefore, Garbanzo beans are one of the good foods to consume.

Apart from raising lowered blood pressure, you can also metabolize carbs, protein and fat, and support bone health and wound healing with Manganese found in Garbanzo beans.

14 – Livers:


Liver far surpasses fruits and vegetables all in terms of nutrient content, despite the fact that many people like the idea of consuming vegetables and fruits when it comes to getting more of nutrients. Over 100% of the RDI for many essential nutrients are found in only a smaller part of the liver. It is also low in calories and rich in high-quality proteins. Not only that, livers are found to help raise blood pressure as well – thanks to folate found in them. All of these benefits make liver a good food to increase blood pressure.

15 – Salt:


Salt is proved to increase lowered bp and that’s a good news for people who like to top their foods with salt before consuming them.

Adding a little amount of salt as a topping to your eatables can help you experience the increased blood pressure.

16 – Eggs:


Eggs, mostly used in almost every home, are a good source of Vitamin B-12  – which is one of the ways you can increase your lowered blood pressure. This makes it a good food to increase blood pressure as well.

Unless you have typhoid, adding eggs to your breakfast and then adding salt as a topping is the perfect match and eatable to consume when trying to answer what to eat when bp is low.

17 – Olives:


Olives, though are overlooked often, but contain Vitamin E, copper, and iron. And not only that, the salty taste found in olives is found to aid in increasing blood pressure. This is because salt is capable of blood pressure spikes, as mentioned earlier.

18 – Tulsi Leaves:


Tulsi leaves are one of the best things to chew to cure diseases and get healthier. This is because tulsi leaves have high levels of magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin C. All of these nutrients when combine, help regulates blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

This is it.

You can also read about our article related to what to eat when bp is high for future situations.


What to drink when bp is low?

Liquids, just like solids, are essential for one’s vital recovery and being healthy. It, therefore, is necessary to pay the same attention to liquids like that of solids.

Following are the liquids you can drink when you want to raise your blood pressure or when your blood pressure is low.

1 – Water:


Drinking more water is one of the best fluids to use when your blood pressure is low. It will keep you hydrated while also help you kill toxins from your body. This often leads to stable blood pressure levels.

Blood pressure drops down when one is dehydrated.

2 – Alcohol:


Another one of fluids that help to raise lowered blood pressure is Alcohol. Alcohol might not be a good choice for people to increase their blood pressure, but it works. People don’t like the idea of alcohol because it might leave them alcoholic after their target has been reached i.e. raising blood pressure.

3 – Coffee:


Coffee is another one of good drinks to drink to raise blood pressure. This is because caffeine found in coffee is capable of spiking blood pressure levels.

4 – Caffeinated tea:


Caffeinated tea can also aid in increasing lowered blood pressure temporarily by stimulating the cardiovascular system and boosting your heart rate.

When to see a doctor?

Working with your doctor is recommended since day one since lowered blood pressure from day one can cause you serious problems. Not only will your doctor assist you in choosing what’s right for you and what’s not, but will also tell you your balanced blood pressure level so you can work your way all the way up without making any crucial mistakes.

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