Here’s What To Eat (And Drink) In Typhoid

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what to eat in typhoid
3 major types of foods that answer what to eat in typhoid are bland foods, calorie foods, and fatty foods. Let's dive deep into exploring them more.

What to eat in typhoid is the next query from our mailbox that we are covering in this article. The amount of messages we receive around this topic is quite a lot – and if you’ve been reading on our blog lately, you will find that we already have an article that answers what not to eat in typhoid as well. This shows the seriousness of such a topic and is important to pay close attention to it.

Before getting started, let’s share a little about typhoid so you have a clearer image of what it is and how is it caused.

Typhoid is a disease caused by salmonella typhi, a bacteria that’s often found in unhygienic areas, stagnant water, and contaminated food and drinks. If you are used to such things in life, chances are you are more exposed to being affected by typhoid.

Symptoms of typhoid are headaches, fatigue, constipation, chills,  fever, diarrhea, enlargement of spleen and liver, gastrointestinal problems, low appetite, nausea, and chest congestion.

Now that you have an observation of how is it caused – contaminated foods and drinks as one of its causes – it is easier to tell that an effective and healthy diet can actually help you to recover.

What to eat in typhoid:

Diets play an important role in a person’s life; the better the diet, the better the life.

Also for the fact that typhoid is often caused if you’ve eaten something bad, let’s answer what to eat in typhoid to recover and get healthier again.

1 – Bland Foods:


Bland foods come at the top of the list when it comes to curing typhoid with a diet.

Bland foods are those which are not much spicy, are soft, and can be digested easily. All of which you’d need to have in order to feel lighter and get healthier.

Also, you can solve gastrointestinal problems by eating bland foods because they are low in fiber.

2 – Good Carbs and Fatty Foods:


In order for your body to have required carbs and fats to fight typhoid, you’d need carbohydrates foods and fatty ones as well that are healthy.

Keep in mind that there are both good and bad carbs foods and you’d need to choose the ones that contain good carbs only.

Another thing you’d want to keep note of is to make sure that the good carb food you chose is easy to digest.

Summing up the information from above, we understand that:

Good carbs food + easy to digest food = healthy typhoid food


Fatty food + easy to digest food = healthy typhoid food

3 – Calorie Foods:


Calorie foods are no-brainers when it comes to answering what to eat in typhoid. This is because during typhoid, chances of losing a lot of weight are present and that’s unhealthy – what you’d rather need to do is eat calorie foods that prevent the weight loss during typhoid.

Some of the good calorie foods are boiled potatoes and bananas.

That’s all there is about foods that help when you have typhoid.


Now that you have a list of foods that answer what to eat in typhoid, we have few extras for you to enhance your overall outcome/ results.

Things to keep in mind:

Following are few tips that can maximize the results of your diet plan above:

  1. Have frequent small meals
  2. Avoid foods with a high amount of fiber content
  3. Create an eating schedule for yourself
  4. Avoid foods that are spicy
  5. Avoid foods that have bad carbs and are unhealthy
  6. Eat foods that are light

What to drink in typhoid:

Now that we’re done with discussing what to eat in typhoid, let’s share fluids which also is a part of an effective diet plan.

1 – Water:


Throughout the course of curing typhoid, your aim is to drink as much water as you can. This will keep you hydrated and your body functional.

You may also try glucose water if glucose content in your body is lesser than required.

Coconut water is also very healthy as well.

2 – Fruit Juices:


Fruits, no doubt, are one of the best foods out there. Not only do most of them provide you with enough nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy but also fight inflammation and gastrointestinal problems which are two of symptoms of typhoid.

Orange juice, for instance, can flush out toxins from your system and make your body lighter at the same time, making you feel relaxed.

What to see a doctor?

You should be visiting your doctor frequently if you have typhoid. This will allow you to have a better image of how things have changed with you over the course of curing typhoid. Your doctor will also suggest you a diet plan based on your body requirements and then you can check if you can apply any of the filters above to your diet plan.

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The information contained within this article and overall site is merely for informational purposes and is based on historical facts. Please always consult with your dietitian before creating a diet plan for yourself.

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