Here’s How To Use Kalonji Seeds In Cooking

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how to use kalonji seeds in cooking
We have around 7 ways you can use kalonji seeds in your cooking to answer how to use kalonji seeds in cooking. Learn more below.

How to use kalonji seeds in cooking is a next query we answer in this article.

For those who don’t know what kalonji is, it is also known as Nigella Sativa, a medicinal plant throughout the world.

Packed with so many benefits and medical aids, it is perfect to sprinkle the edibles you eat with kalonji seeds – this makes the process of getting most of health benefits of your meals easy.

Some of the most common and known benefits of eating kalonji or Nigella Sativa are:

  • Alleviates asthma
  • Increases memory
  • Fights acne
  • Keeps check of diabetes
  • Gets rid of headaches
  • Aids weight loss
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Protects kidneys
  • Eases joints pain
  • Helps recover from flu
  • Improves eyesight
  • Helps in digestions processes

And many more.

When you think of something this beneficial, you might question yourself how to use kalonji seeds in cooking in order to get most out of what you are consuming. If so, don’t worry – we have all there is you’d need to know to answer this question and get going with becoming healthier.

How to use kalonji seeds in cooking?


Back in the days, people would only use seeds in festive and savoury sweet preparations but that has changed now; you can add seeds to pretty much everything – from breakfast dishes to salad to yogurts to deserts.

Not only does adding seeds to your meals add crunch to your edibles but also make them taste better.

With that being said, here’s how to use kalonji seeds in cooking:

1 – Bread or biscuits:

The very first effective way of using kalonji seeds is to use them as a topping for bread and biscuits – this adds both flavor and a crunch element to the bread or biscuits.

2 – Pulao:

Pulao, or pilaf, a rice dish consumed in asia is perfect for the addition of kalonji seeds.

You can sprinkle the pulao (pilaf) with kalonji seeds and make it taste much better than it usually would be

3 – Salad:

Salad is another possibility.

Adding kalonji seeds to your salad as a topping make your salad more healthier and crunchy.

4 – Rice:

If you are not aware of pulao and how it’s cooked, you can also add kalonji seeds to your usual rice meal and this will make it healthy, crunchy, and taste good.

5 – Dal (Pulses):

Adding kalonji seeds to dal or pulses is also very common and a good practice to make them taste better and healthier.

6 – Pickle:

Pickle is another food you can add kalonji seeds to.

The crunch of kalonji seeds and pickle’s taste make a perfect combo.

7 – Cakes or Sweets:

Just like topping your bread or biscuits with kalonji seeds make them more crunchy and taste good, adding them to cakes or sweets is also very beneficial and is commonly seen.

The possibilities of adding kalonji seeds to your meals are endless – mentioned above are only the ways that are commonly used by many people.

You can experiment and see what kalonji seeds work best with.

And when you experiment (or have experimented) we want you to share the result and recipe with us as well in the comments’ section below – we would love to know more about the recipes that have kalonji seeds as their part.


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