When To Eat Watermelon To Lose Weight – Answered

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when to eat watermelon to lose weight
Lunch is the best time to answer when to eat watermelon to lose weight. To learn more, read below and you'll know why.

When to eat watermelon to lose weight is the next query we answer in this article.

Before we start, we’d like to share a little bit about watermelons, what they contain, and how healthy they are – this will allow us to know of its health benefits and decide its consumption times better.

With that being said, what do you know about watermelon? Here’s what we know about watermelons so far.

Watermelons are low in calories, have amino acids, and are hydration-supportive, making them one of the best fruits to eat.

They are best for weight loss not only because they are low in calories but also because 90% of watermelon is water. On top of that, the amino acid called arginine helps burn fat in your body.

Its ability to keep you hydrated and full so you don’t crave more is also one of the best ways you can lose weight – because you won’t be eating edibles that you don’t need as you’re already full after eating watermelon.

Summer is the season where we see more of watermelon’s usability because of its ability to fight back heat and keep you hydrated – yes, you can eat watermelon to fight back heat as well.

And not just that, watermelons are linked to good heart health – this is because watermelons have an antioxidant called lycopene that aids your heart to be safe and healthy.

Cancer can also be fought back with lycopene.

Wait, there’s more; watermelons also contain C vitamins, A vitamins, B-6 vitamins, iron, and calcium.

That’s a lot of good stuff, isn’t it?

Now, let’s see when to eat watermelon to lose weight.

When should I eat watermelon to lose weight?

What we’ve found is, watermelons for breakfast is not a good idea – this is where you should be eating edibles that provide you with energy to go through your day with ease – something like an egg or yogurt.

Moving forward, there’s lunch time.

We believe it is best to be eating watermelons during this time in order to lose weight. Why? During lunch and dinner, there’s quite a big gap where you fall for more foods to eat, making it harder for you to lose weight.

It’s also during this time that the presence of sun is as peak – eating watermelon, therefore, makes sense to fight back heat.

Lastly, we have the dinner time.

During this time, if you’ve eaten watermelon for lunch, we don’t advise you eat watermelon again – you should try eating something else in order to stay healthy and not hate the process of losing weight as well; eating a single food (watermelon in this case) for a longer period of time can leave you depressed with no hope and motivation to carry on.

If you’ve not eaten watermelon for lunch, you can eat watermelon for dinner – but that we believe is not the perfect time to be eating watermelon.

That said, lunch is the best time to answer when to eat watermelon to lose weight.

When do you plan to eat watermelon and why? Let us know in the comments’ section – we would love to know.


A. Watermelon fights back heat.

B. Watermelon keeps you full for a longer period.

C. Watermelon helps to lose weight.

D. Watermelon helps to keep your heart healthy.

E. Watermelon helps to prevent cancer.

F. It is best to eat watermelon for lunch to keep yourself full and fight back heat.


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