28 Fruits That Start With P

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fruits that start with p
There are many fruits that start with P and here they are so you don't have to search for them anymore.

Now that we’re done with sharing fruits that start with Q, let’s talk fruits that start with P.

If you have no clue what are some of the fruits beginning with P, worry not; this article is all about it.

Also, if you want to discover more of foods, not just fruits, that start with P, here they are.

That being said, let’s get started with knowing fruits that start with P.

Fruits That Start With P:


Following are the fruits starting with P that you might not know of yet.

1 – Papaya Fruit:

The fruit of Carica papaya plant is called papaya fruit.

It originated in Southern Mexico and Central America.

2 – Passion Fruit:

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is nutritious.

Both the flesh and seeds are edible of passion fruit.

3 – Peach Fruit:

Peach is a stone fruit that is both soft and juicy, from a peach tree.

Peaches were first cultivated in China.

4 – Peach Palm Fruit:

Peach palm is a triangle-shaped fruit that is hanged around the top of palm trees.

The fruit is found in all over South and Central America.

5 – Peanut Fruit:

Peanut is a fruit whose ovary wall becomes hard at maturity.

Its color varies from brown, red, and sometimes even purple.

6 – Pear Fruit:

Pear is a mild, sweet fruit with a fibrous center.

They are rich in important antioxidants.

7 – Pecan Fruit:

Pecan is a fruit with a single nut that grows on the pecan tree.

It is a member of Juglandaceae family that includes walnut as well.

8 – Pequi Fruit:

Pequi is an edible fruit that is popular in the regions of Brazil.

Another name of pequi is souari nut.

9 – Persian Lime Fruit:

Persian lime is a citrus fruit that usually has a dark green color.

It belongs to the family called Rutaceae.

10 – Persimmon Fruit:

Persimmon is an edible fruit of various trees in the genus Diospyros.

Asia is where they are found mostly.

11 – Peumo Fruit:

Peumo is an edible berry that grows in peumo trees.

They are usually red in color.

12 – Physalis Fruit:

Physalis is a tasty fruit that has its origin in Peru.

Another name of physalis fruit is aztec berry.

13 – Pigeon Pea Fruit:

Pigeon pea is flat, straight, 5-9 cm long fruit that contains 2-9 seeds.

Seeds are red, brown, or black in color.

14 – Pigeon Plum Fruit:

Pigeon plum is a fruit with an edible purple flesh, grown on pigeonplum tree.

Doveplum is an alternate name.

15 – Pigface Fruit:

Pigface is another fruit that starts with P.

As the name suggest, its appearance is like that of a pig.

16 – Pili Nut Fruit:

Pili nut is a fruit of any of numerous trees of the genus Canarium.

It is a major source of protein and fat in a diet.

17 – Pineapple Fruit:

Pineapple is an edible, juicy, sweet fruit that is rich in vitamins.

It belongs to Bromeliaceae family.

18 – Pineberry Fruit:

Pineberry is an hybrid fruit between pineapples and strawberries.

Its scientific name is Fragaria ananassa.

19 – Pink Flowered Native Raspberry Fruit:

Pink flowered native raspberry is a species of the genus Rubus

Scientific name of pink flowered native raspberry fruit is Rubus parvifolius.

20 – Plum Fruit:

Plum is an edible fruit of the genus Prunus.

Prunus domestica is its scientific name.

21 – Plumcot Fruit:

Plumcot is an hybrid between different Prunus species.

Another name of plumcot is pluot.

22 – Pluot Fruit:

Pluot is an hybrid between different Prunus species.

Another name of pluot is plumcot.

23 – Pomato Fruit:

Pomato is an hybrid between tomatoes and potatoes.

This is another fruit that starts with P.

24 – Pomegranate Fruit:

Pomegranate is one of the most nutritious fruits on the earth.

The fruit has red juicy seeds covered in a husk.

25 – Pulasan Fruit:

Pulasan is a tropical fruit closely allied to the rambutan.

It is often confused with rambutans.

26 – Pummelo Fruit:

Pummelo is a citrus fruit that is closely related to grapefruit.

Pummelo is also referred to as Pomelo.

27 – Phalsa Fruit:

Phalsa are small berries that are grown on Grewia asiatica tree.

They are also referred to as Falsa and are purple in color.

28 – Pumpkin Fruit:

Pumpkin is a round, yellow to orange fruit, not a vegetable if you had no idea.

This is because pumpkin also has seeds like other fruits.

This is all there is about fruits of letter P.

Do you think we missed something? If so, comments’ section is always open for you to submit the missing fruits and we’ll add them.

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