8 Fruits That Start With Y

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fruits that start with y
This is all there is about fruits that start with Y in case you've been looking for them until now.

Now that we’re done with sharing fruits that start with Z, let’s talk fruits that start with Y.

If you have no clue what are some of the fruits beginning with Y, worry not; this article is all about it.

Also, if you want to discover more of foods, not just fruits, that start with Y, here they are.

That being said, let’s get started with knowing fruits that start with Y.

Fruits That Start With Y:

yali pear

Following are the fruits starting with Y that you might not know of yet.

1 – Yuzu Fruit:

Yuzu is very first of many fruits that start with Y and it’s very popular as well, especially in Japan as it hails from there.

It is a green-yellow citrus fruit that is thick, has a knobby rind, and a light taste.

It is not as sour as lemons, therefore, used as a drink with delicately flavored dishes.

2 – Yumberry Fruit:

Yumberry, also known as myrica rubra, is a tropical fruit that is dark purple-red to crimson in color and has a sweet taste.

It is also known as Chinese strawberry.

3 – Yali Pears Fruit:

Yali pear is a type of Asian pears that has a tear-drop shape with white to cream-colored flesh.

When ripe, yali pears are sweet in taste.

4 – Yangmei Fruit:

Yangmei and yumberry are same – just different names.

Again, it’s a tropical fruit with dark purple-red to crimson in color and has a sweet taste.

5 – Yellow Passion Fruit:

Yellow passion fruit is a fruit from numerous plants of Passiflora family.

It has an egg-like shape with a thick yellow skin.

Its taste is both sweet and acidic.

6 – Yellow Watermelon Fruit:

Yellow watermelon is a type of watermelon that has yellow flesh instead of the usual red flesh.

It comes mostly from Africa and tastes like honey.

7 – Youngberry Fruit:

Youngberry is a complex hybrid between blackberries, raspberries, and dewberries.

It is eaten both fresh and is used to make juice.

8 – Yunnan Hackberry Fruit:

Yunnan hackberry is a fruit from common hackberry tree, also known as celtis occidentalis.

It is usually orange in color.

This is all there is about fruits of letter Y.

Do you think we missed something? If so, comments’ section is always open for you to submit the missing fruits and we’ll add them.

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