16 Fruits That Start With K

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fruits that start with k
There are 16 fruits that start with K and here's all of them so you don't have to search for them any more.

Now that we’re done with sharing fruits that start with L, let’s talk fruits that start with K.

If you have no clue what are some of the fruits beginning with K, worry not; this article is all about it.

Also, if you want to discover more of foods, not just fruits, that start with K, here they are.

That being said, let’s get started with knowing fruits that start with K.

Fruits That Start With K:


Following are the fruits starting with K that you might not know of yet.

1 – Kabosu Fruit:

Kabosu is a citrus fruit of a broad-leaf tree in the Rutaceae family.

It is very popular in Japan.

2 – Kaffir Lime Fruit:

Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit that is native to tropical Southeast Asia and southern China.

Southeast Asian cuisines is where you’d see them used most.

3 – Kahikatea Fruit:

Kahikatea is an edible fruit found in New Zealand.

Its scientific name is Dacrycarpus dacrydioides.

4 – Kakadu Plum Fruit:

Kakadu plum is a fruit from the flowering plant in the family Combretaceae, that is native to Australia.

Its scientific name is Terminalia ferdinandiana.

5 – Kapok Fruit:

Kapok is grown in the family Malvaceae, found in central America.

Its scientific name is Ceiba pentandra.

6 – Karkalla Fruit:

Karala is a fruit that grows about the size of a grape.

When ripe, it turns deep red.

7 – Karonda Fruit:

Karonda is a berry-sized fruit mostly used as a condiment in Indian pickles and spices.

Its scientific name is Carissa carandas.

8 – Kei Apple Fruit:

Kei apple is another fruit that starts with K.

The fruit is small and yellow in color.

9 – Kepel Fruit:

Kepel is an edible fruit that is grown only in central Java, Indonesia.

Its skin and color is like that of potatoes.

10 – Keule Fruit:

Keule fruit isn’t only edible but also used in the making of jams.

These fruits are native to Chile.

11 – Kiwi Fruit:

Kiwi is an edible fruit or an edible berry of several species of woody vines in the genus Actinidia.

Its scientific name is Actinidia deliciosa.

12 – Korlan Fruit:

Korlan is an oval or round shaped fruit that has a sour taste.

It is also referred to as wild lychee.

13 – Kumquat Fruit:

Kumquat is a citrus fruit that is packed with health benefits and flavors.

Its shape is usually oval.

14 – Kundang Fruit:

Kundang is a rare fruit and is also known as mini-sized mango.

The fruit is often seen to be eaten raw.

15 – Kutjera Fruit:

Kutjera is a vitamin-C rich fruit that is often found in deserts.

Its scientific name is Solanum centrale.

16 – Kwai Muk Fruit:

Kwai muk is an edible yellowish-brown fruit that is native to China.

The flesh of which is red to orange in color.

This is all there is about fruits of letter K.

Do you think we missed something? If so, comments’ section is always open for you to submit the missing fruits and we’ll add them.

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