21 Gray Foods That You Need to Know About

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gray foods
If you are wondering what are some of the gray foods that exist throughout the world, we did the research for you.

Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of colors, each having different nutritional benefits that are crucial for maintaining a healthy body state.

The same is the case with gray foods as well; they are just as healthy as other color foods.

Gray-colored foods might appear unappealing to some people but you would be surprised by the diverse health benefits that they offer.

They have a range of remarkable taste to offer as well and are easily available in nearby stores or markets.

If you are wondering what are some of the gray foods that exist throughout the world, we did the research for you.

This article lists all the gray-colored foods that you can add to your diet plan today.

A Complete List of Gray Foods:

Following are the foods that are gray in color.

1 – Gray salt:

Gray salt usually comes from France’s Atlantic coast.

It is also known as Celtic Sea Salt.

It retains all the minerals found in the sea and is full of magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine.

Slightly moist and chunky in texture, this salt should be dried out prior to using it.

2 – BBQ Eggplant Dip:

Amazingly smooth and creamy with the delicious smoky flavor, this eggplant dip (or Baba Ganoush) recipe can be served with some fresh pita bread and vegetables.

3 – Black sesame ice-cream:

Black sesame flavor is commonly used in desserts by Japanese and Asians.

Its popular desserts include black sesame macarons, purin (pudding), chiffon cake, mochi, bread, ice cream, and more. 

Creamy and nutty, this super addictive black sesame ice cream requires no ice cream machine.

4 – Mackerels:

Mackerel is a common name applied to the number of different species of pelagic fish.

They are found in both temperate and tropical seas.

They have vertical stripes on their backs with a deep forked tail.

Also, they are gray in color.

5 – Salted plums:

Saladitos are the dried plums that have a juicy, sweet and sour taste.

Dried plums are very popular in Mexico and China.

They are available in many flavors in the markets; spicy, salty, ginseng and cream being some of the most common varieties.

6 – Fresh truffles:

Truffle is another food that is gray in color.

They are used sparingly because of their high price and their pungent aroma.

7 – Earl gray cake:

Earl gray cake is perfect for tea lovers.

It is easy to bake and is usually made at home.

8 – Milk chocolate gems:

Milk chocolate gems are candies covered in a shell of a gray color.

The shell, however, can differ in color.

These gems are usually seen at parties.

9 – Gray owl cheese:

Gray Owl is a Canadian surface-ripened cheese made from goat’s milk.

The outside of the cheese is dark and wrinkly whereas the inside of it is firm.

This is another gray food on this list.

10 – Appenzeller cheese:

Appenzeller cheese is produced in the Appenzeller region of northeast Switzerland from the hard cow’s milk.

Appenzeller has a documented history of at least 700 years.

11 – Dried fish:

Drying is a method of food preservation which inhibits the growth of microbes and works by removing water from the food.

Since ancient times, open air-drying has been adopted as a method to preserve food.

Fish are preserved through traditional methods of drying such as drying, smoking, and salting.

This preservation of fish gives birth to a gray-colored fish.

12 – Mushroom soup:

Mushroom soup is a simple type of soup that is used as a base ingredient in casseroles and comfort foods.

You can serve this delicious creamy soup for lunch if you want.

13 – Oysters:

These are the different families of salt-water bivalve mollusks that usually live in marine or brackish habitats.

They are often consumed cooked or raw.

Butter and salt are often added for taste.

14 – Earl gray macarons:

Bold in flavor and elegant in appearance, Earl gray macarons are another food that is gray in color.

This macaron recipe can be adapted for any flavor.

Macarons are smooth, creamy, zesty, and fruity.

15 – Earl gray cupcakes:

Made with earl gray tea leaves and topped with lemon buttercream, these earl gray cupcakes are unique, light and flavorful.

The aroma of this cake is remarkable.

The buttercream has just enough lemon in it to be refreshing, without overpowering the flavor of the cake.

16 – Gray cake pops:

A cake pop is a form of cake styled as a lollipop.

They come in a variety of colors, including gray as well.

This is another one of many gray foods on this list.

17 – Gray wedding cake:

A wedding cake is a traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner.

They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the number of guests that will be served.

They also come in different colors that include gray as well.

18 – Gray edible mushrooms:

Edible mushrooms have been a part of home cooking for thousands of years now.

One of these edible mushrooms is an oyster mushroom that is gray in color.

However, it is not consumed a lot due to its wildness.

19 – Gray Hubbard squash:

Gray hubbard squash is one of the most diverse species of cultivated squash.

Often used as a replacement for pumpkins in cooking, this common cultivar can be roasted, baked, and mashed into soups, among a variety of filler uses, much like pumpkin.

This is another gray-colored food on the list.

20 – Yellow dragon fruit:

Yellow dragon fruit is a cactus species having thorns, unlike the red dragon fruit.

It is a fruit perfect to include in a slimming diet for people who want to lose weight due to its caloric profile.

Even though the outside of the fruit is yellow, the inside of it is gray in color.

21 – Gray anchovies:

Anchovies are the small, common forage fish species found mostly in marine water.

They are usually classified as oily fish.

They come in many colors including the gray color.

These are all the foods that have a gray color.

Do you know of any other gray color food?

Please let us know using the comments section below.

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