Can You Eat Sweet Peas – Answered

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can you eat sweet peas
No you can not eat sweet peas if you are asking 'can you eat sweet peas?'. If you want to learn why, read more in this article and you'll know.

Can you eat sweet peas is another question from one of our website visitors that we are covering in this article. It might sound stupid for some readers that who would think of eating sweet peas but it actually is a good question and we often hear this from people.

The most common reason that leads people to ask if sweet peas are edible is that they are one of the families of legumes.

Another reason why people question if you can eat sweet peas is because of its name; sweet peas.

Both of these reasons, belonging of them to legumes and a confusing name, it makes a good question to answer.

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Can you eat sweet peas:

Can you eat sweet peas? Let’s find out.

The seeds found in sweet peas are poisonous containing lathyrogens. If you ingest lathyrogens, in large quantities, you can experience to have a condition called Lathyrus.

Symptoms of Lathyrus are convulsions, paralysis and labored breathing.

Also, it is to bear in mind that all types of sweet peas have those seeds that contain lathyrogens.

With a fact known now, it is easier to answer that you can not eat sweet peas – they are poisonous.

However, it’s a good idea to plant them in your garden and enjoy their sweet smell to ease your mind. Not only do they look pretty but also have a nice smell.

If you are planning to plant them, the best season is to sow the seeds in spring and let them grow in summer.

Also, if you are willing to know more about sweet peas, their characteristics, and how to grow them, read more about sweet peas here.


A. Seeds found in sweet peas contain lathyrogens.

B. Lathyrogens cause Lathyrus.

C. It is not safe to eat sweet peas.

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