8 Yellow Vegetables That Exist Throughout the World

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yellow vegetables
If you are looking for a list of yellow vegetables that exist throughout the world, we've done the job of researching for you.

If you came searching for yellow vegetables to see whether there exists any, we’ve done the research for you.

We went out there and found all the yellow-colored vegetables that exist throughout the world to this date.

If you think we missed any of the yellow vegetables, please let us know using the comments section below.

Also, for those of you who are looking for yellow foods, not just vegetables – we have those as well here on our website.

With that being said, let’s look into all the yellow vegetables that are found all over the world.

List of Yellow Vegetables Found Around the World:

Following are the yellow vegetables that most people have access to:

1. Potatoes:

Potato is a starchy tuber that is one of the main ingredients in many dishes.

It is yellow in color and a rich source of potassium.

2. Corn:

Corn is another vegetable that is yellow in color.

It is known as a staple food all around the world.

Both humans as well as animals can eat different corn types.

3. Squash:

Squash has multiple types that come with multiple colors.

Straight-neck squash is a type of squash that is yellow in color.

It has a sweet and soft flesh.

4. Yellow Pepper:

Yellow pepper is another one of many yellow-colored vegetables on this list that exist all over the world.

They are sweet and less pungent compared to other varieties of peppers.

Their largest producer is China.

5. Golden beets:

Golden beets are root vegetables that are sweeter than their red-colored variant.

They are very nutritious, though.

They are heart healthy and can flush off toxins from the body as well.

6. Yellow pumpkin:

Like squashes, pumpkins also have many varieties that also come with different colors.

Yellow pumpkin is round with a yellow rind that covers a firm, crisp flesh.

They have a slightly sweet flavor and are usually cooked.

7. Yellow beans:

Another yellow-colored vegetable is yellow beans.

They are legumes that are packed with many nutrients.

Not only do they fight cancer but also control the cholesterol levels of one’s body.

8. Quinoa:

Quinoa plant is grown for its edible seeds that comes yellow in color.

It is rich in calories, therefore, might not be a good option if you want to lose weight.

These are all the yellow vegetables that exist throughout the world.

If you wish to add any of the missing yellow-colored vegetable, please let us know using the comments section below.

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