Here’s What Not To Eat (And Drink) During Periods

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what not to eat during periods
What not to eat during periods is answered by food types like dairy foods, sugary foods, fatty foods, and 3 more. Read below to learn more.

What not to eat during periods is another question we cover in this article, again from our mailbox.

If you are having periods, you might realize how strange the feelings get and how tough the situation becomes.

It takes courage to deal with cramps and ache that is caused during periods.

In fact, over 33 percent of girls take medicines and drugs to lower the pain occurring in their bodies because of periods, and that’s very unhealthy – you shouldn’t be dependent on drugs and medicines to fight back issues you can tackle naturally, like periods in this case.

Yes, you can lower the effects periods have on your body by eating foods that are supportive for when you have periods and avoid foods that make your periods worse – that we believe is the best solution to fight back issues related to periods, naturally.

With that being said, you must have a clear idea of what you’re eating and if what you’re eating supports or worsen your periods.

In this article, we answer food types you must avoid during periods.

Let’s get started.

What not to eat during periods?

After researching and talking with experts, we’ve gathered the list of food types that answer what not to eat during periods – this is what we gathered:

1 – Fried foods:


The very first food type you should be avoiding during your period is fried foods type.

Fried foods can elevate estrogen levels in your body because they have hydrogenated oil or trans-fats – that’s unhealthy when you are going through your period.

2 – Processed foods:


Next comes the type of processed foods.

Processed foods include ready-made meals – and oftentimes you don’t know the ingredients that are included in your meals.

They have a high amount of chemicals and salt which can leave your body on fire and disturbed during periods.

Bloating is one of the many causes of processed foods if you don’t know.

3 – Sugary foods:


Sugary foods are complicated but they are still unhealthy.

What they do to your body is they first cause your body to have energy spikes, making you feel good but after some time, the levels are back to normal or even low, and you’re suddenly down.

The temporary state of being fine is not worth taking a risk to put yourself in trouble after your energy levels are crashed.

4 – Dairy products:


If you are looking into dairy products to add to your diet plan, don’t – dairy products also contribute to the cramps during periods.

Arachidonic acids found in dairy products are cramps-inducing, thus not healthy during periods.

This food type is one of the foods to avoid during period cramps.

However, if you still want to try diary products, you can have Greek yogurt.

5 – Fatty foods:


Fatty foods are also worse type of foods you can eat during periods.

Their effect on your system is very strong, leaving you with cramps, bloating, and even acne – all of this even without periods.

Consuming them during periods worsen the case even more. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

6 – High-carbs foods:


High-carbs foods contribute to PMS symptoms, make you tired, and cause you to become disturbed.

You don’t need to make things more complicated on top of what you are already dealing with: periods.


Mentioned below are the extras included in this article.

What not to drink during periods?

Now that we’re done with answering foods to avoid during periods, let’s get into knowing about drinks you must avoid during periods.

1 – Alcohol:


If you had a desire to drink alcohol and divert your mind from your period, you have no clue what are you thinking of.

Not only can alcohol cause irregular menstrual cycles but also increase the levels of estrogens – that’s very unhealthy and should be avoided.

2 – Milk:


As mentioned earlier in the article, dairy products, milk in this case, are very unhealthy if you ever plan to consume them during diarrhea.

They have arachidonic acids which are linked with cramps.

3 – Soda:


Soda, if you think about it, has lots of chemicals.

Chemicals cause your body to have weird processes to occur or take place.

We do not want to be adding another complication to what we already have, periods in this case.

Sodas are as same as processed foods – high in salt amount and have lots of chemicals – therefore, very unhealthy during periods.

4 – Caffeinated tea:


There are many types of teas you can have.

If your tea has caffeine as an ingredient, you need to stop drinking it.

Tea without caffeine is fine though.

5 – Coffee:


Coffee is also advised to get rid of during pregnancy.

100 grams of coffee contains around 40 mg of caffeine, and that’s a lot.

In case you don’t know why caffeine is an enemy here, it’s because it can elevate your PMS symptoms.


A. There are 6 food types you must avoid during periods.

B. There are 5 drinks you must stop taking in during periods.

C. What you consume throughout the course of periods will have an effect on your body and how you feel.

what not to eat during periods - infographic

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