What Is Dry Ice Used For? – Dry Ice Uses Explained

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what is dry ice used for
There are about 26 dry ice uses that answer what is dry ice used for - from plumbing to preserving seeds and grains. Read below to know them.

What is dry ice used for? This is the next query we answer after covering questions like what is dry ice made of and if you can eat dry ice.

To answer this query, we suggest you read our previous articles about dry ice: this will allow you to know more of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) for a better understanding of things related to it.

Anyway, before we start, here’s a short intro to dry ice and what is it made of.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide that changes from solid to gas instead of liquid – reason behind its name – dry – is the same.

Dry ice is much colder than the usual wet ice, therefore not healthy to be consumed or swallowed – doing so will cause frostbites in your inner system.

With that being said, you might be wondering that if you’re not allowed to be eating dry ice, what is it used for then? Well, there are dozens of ways you can use dry ice – cooling the medical supplies where mechanical cooling isn’t available for instance.

Let’s get started with knowing all of the dry ice uses.

What is dry ice used for? – Dry Ice Uses:

Just because you can’t eat dry ice nor add it to your fluids doesn’t mean there are no uses of it.

Following are some of the well-known dry ice uses people have been using it for, since decades.

1 – Emergency Refrigeration:

The very first use of the many dry ice uses is its ability to provide colder temperature to act as an alternative to a refrigerator and freezer– you can use dry ice in the places where there’s no power or mechanical cooling available.

2 – Blast Cleaning:

It is a technique that is most commonly found in industries to clean off residues such as oil, ink, paint, and other toxins.

Not only is this an effective way to clean off residues but is also an environmentally friendly technique.

3 – Shrinking:

Using dry ice can shrink the parts for ease of fitting and removal.

4 – Plumbing:

If you want to stop the flow of water so that you can repair the pipe, you can use dry ice to freeze water in the pipe until you’re done repairing.

5 – Agriculture:

Dry ice can also be used to preserve seeds and grains.

6 – Concrete Cooling:

Because of its immense temperature, dry ice is also used for concrete cooling for faster results.

7 – Shipping:

Another very popular use of the many dry ice uses is its ability to keep things cool during shipment.

Medical supplies and foods are shipped from one place to another in the presence of dry ice.

8 – Loosen Tiles:

If you have a hard time removing tiles from the floor, applying dry ice can loosen the fittings for easy removal of tiles.

9 – Meat Processing:

Dry ice is also used in meat industries as well.

This because they need to cool down the meat after processing it.

10 – Car Dents:

This is also one of many good uses of dry ice.

Applying dry ice to the dents in your car can be fixed if you know the technique to do it perfectly.

11 – Fuel Tanks:

Dry ice is also used in the process of removing fuel tanks safer by purging flammable fumes.

12 – Food and Beverages:

Food and beverages can be kept cool even in the absence of refrigerators, thanks to dry ice.

13 – Picnic:

You can’t carry your refrigerator with you everywhere you go, no? But you can carry dry ice.

This is where the idea to keep your edibles and fluids fresh comes into existence because of dry ice.

Camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, boating, etc. are the most popular activities where people bring the dry ice with them.

14 – Halloween:

If you are looking for special effects to leave people stunned in Halloween, dry ice can help.

It can be used to create fog.

15 – Say No To Melting:

If you have things like ice creams that are easily melted, you can use dry ice to keep them frozen.

This is also one of many good answers to what is dry ice used for.

16 – Ice Caps:

You can even use dry ice in ice caps in order to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. That’s some very good stuff, no?

17 – Fight Bedbugs:

If you are struggling to kill every bedbug from your life, dry ice can help.

Insects are easily attracted to carbon dioxide (dry ice in this case) if you don’t know. This makes dry ice a trap to gather bedbugs for you to get rid of easily.

18 – Fight Mosquitoes:

Same can be applied to mosquitoes or any other insect; you can use dry ice as a bait to kill mosquitoes and other insects too.

19 – Acceleration of Plant Growth:

Presence of carbon dioxide helps plants grow faster.

Dry ice, therefore, helps to speed up the process of plant growth.

20 – Carbonated Liquids:

If you’ve been drinking sodas, do you know dry ice is their important value-add?

When you add dry ice to liquids, dry ice becomes gaseous in form and is absorbed by the fluid it is present in, making the fluid carbonated, AKA soda pop.

Dry ice is commonly found in the soda industry.

21 – Flash-freezing Fish or Sushi:

Dry ice is also used to flash-freeze fish or sushi, prolonging preservation time as well as ensuring freshness throughout the course.

Preservation times recorded are ten days longer than that of regular ice.

22 – Green Burials:

Preserving the human body after death until funeral can also be done with dry ice – not only is this much inexpensive but is also very environmental friendly than to use chemicals.

24 – Removal of Warts:

Dry ice is also used in hospitals to remove warts or other skin related problems due to its temperature and its ability to numb the cells.

25 – Special Effects:

Dry ice is also used in theaters to create foggy effects easily and cheaper.

26 – Education:

Dry ice is also used in schools and colleges to teach kids how to create interesting projects and make them learn processes like sublimation.

Some of the most known projects students make that use dry ice are making baking soda, volcanoes, cloud chambers, observing sublimation, comets, and gaseous expansion.

This is all there is to answer what is dry ice used for.

Did you learn anything new today? What would you use dry ice for? Let us know in the comments’ section – we would love to know and assist if there’s anything related to it.

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