Can Breastfeeding Cause Diarrhea In Mom – Answered

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The answer to "can breastfeeding cause diarrhea in mom" depends on what your body state is and if you're healthy. Read below to learn more.

Can breastfeeding cause diarrhea in mom is the next query we answer in this article.

Before starting, we want to ease up your mind so you understand the story better.

If you’ve just given birth to a baby and you started to have diarrhea and other not-so-dangerous problems, you are not alone; almost every mom has to go through diarrhea, stomachache, pain in the body, and relatables – you are not the only one.

It’s natural and happens for many reasons.

The most common reason for such problems is when you are breastfeeding your baby, and you are weak, you’d find yourself fall for any of these issues very easily. If you are healthy, however, chances of falling for these problems for you are less.

And breastfeeding during weakness is just one of the many different causes that cause diarrhea and things like it.

Many moms experience to have a fever as well once they start breastfeeding.

But that’s just an outlook of what happens when you are breastfeeding; you are open to getting attacked by problems like diarrhea, pain, stomachache, fever, and relatables if you are weak.

And yeah, if you want, you can recover from diarrhea in a few days with foods that help.

Can breastfeeding cause diarrhea in mom?

To be honest, there isn’t a direct relationship between diarrhea and breastfeeding. It all depends on how your system is and what state your body currently has.

If, for instance, your body is weak, not only do you fall for diarrhea but other problems as well like fever and stomachache as mentioned earlier.

In the same way, if you are healthy even after giving birth – which not many women are found to be – you won’t have diarrhea from breastfeeding.

So the answer is “It depends”.

Also, there are many factors that cause diarrhea after you’ve given birth.

Some of those factors are:

  • Infection of bacteria in your intestines
  • Lack of good bacteria present in your intestines
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Medications
  • A change in your hormone levels due to giving birth
  • Stress, worry, and anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal virus

That said, the cause of diarrhea you have may or may not be because of breastfeeding: it all depends on how healthy you are and if your inner system is perfectly fine, even after giving birth, which in most cases, is hard to be fine or normal like that of pre-birth days.

Also, it’s easy to recover from it; there are foods you can eat for an upset stomach while breastfeeding.


A. There is no direct relationship between diarrhea and breastfeeding.

B. If you are weak and you’re breastfeeding your baby, chances of you to fall for diarrhea and relatables are more as you’re weak.

C. There are many factors that contribute to diarrhea in moms.

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