Can You Eat Chia Seeds Raw – Answered

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can you eat chia seeds raw
It is not safe to eat chia seeds raw if you're asking 'can you eat chia seeds raw?'. There's a way you should be eating chia seeds. Learn more below.

Can you eat chia seeds raw is another question from one of our website visitors that we are covering in this article. And this is for the fact that unlike old days where you’d use to buy chia seeds from health food stores, they are now available in almost all of supermarkets, in many countries. This vast availability of chia seeds made it easier for people to get benefits of this superfood but it is crucial to know how they should be eaten to be healthier and be safe.

Before starting, let’s share a little bit about chia seeds so you have a better image of what it is and how it helps.

Seeds harvested from Salvia hispanica, a plant from the mint family, are called chia seeds. Even though the plant is mostly found in Mexico and Guatemala, chia seeds are available throughout the world, thanks to exports and international trades.

Initially, chia seeds were used as a medicine but with the passage of time, it has now officially become the health food.

If you are wondering why were they used as medicine, it’s because of the fact that chia seeds are rich source of proteins, antioxidants, fiber, omega 3 acids, and calcium. And for this very reason, it is considered as a superfood.

Apart from chia seeds’ many health benefits, it is commonly found as an eatable when a person wants to lose weight. Reason being that they keep you full for a longer period of time so you don’t starve for any other eatable.

With that being said, let’s get started with sharing if you could eat chia seeds raw or if there are ways we recommend you to use to eat chia seeds.

Can you eat chia seeds raw?

Can you eat chia seeds raw? Let’s find out.

Chia seeds work best when they are soaked in water first and then consumed, and that’s the actual way of consuming chia seeds.

Also, you can put them in any liquid and enjoy the benefits as well – not just water.

In general, as long as you are introducing chia seeds to liquid for soaking so they grow up in size to be able to be consumed, you’re doing fine.

This leads us to the point of eating chia seeds dry or raw. Can you eat chia seeds raw or dry? No, you can’t be eating chia seeds raw or dry. This is because if you do so, chia seeds soak up in your stomach thus grow in size there, which either leaves your stomach disturbed or cause you to have serious health-related problems.

Again, you don’t want chia seeds to grow up in size in your stomach, you need to make them absorb liquid first so they grow up in size already before you swallow them.


A. It is not safe to eat chia seeds raw.

B. You need to soak them first before they’re allowed into your stomach.

C. Eating chia seeds raw or dry will grow up in size in your stomach, leaving you in danger.

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