These Are All The Black Vegetables Out There

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black vegetables
Black vegetables are unheard of. That's because there are not many of them. But they do exist.

Black vegetables are unheard of.

That’s because there are not many of them.

But they do exist.

The fact that something exists out there while you have no clue of it makes it an interesting topic to research into.

This is why we went out, did our research, and came back with this list of black vegetables that you can add to your plate, today.

List of Black Vegetables:

If you are wondering what are the black vegetables that exist throughout the world, here they are:

1 – Black Garlic:

Black garlic is the first vegetable on the list that is black in color.

It was first used in Asian cuisine.

Black garlic is aged that comes with twice the amount of antioxidants than that of regular garlic.

It also has more calcium in it.

2 – Black Carrots:

Black carrots, also known as Black nebula carrots, are another vegetable that comes with black color.

Some of these carrots are purple as well.

Also, the inside of these carrots is more purplish than it is black.

3 – Black Beauty Tomatoes:

If you had this idea of tomatoes with red color only, we would like to let you know that there exist black tomatoes as well.

Not only do they look good but their taste is also very delicious.

This is another black-colored vegetable on the list.

4 – Maiz Morado Black Corn:

Have you seen black corn yet?

We have.

It’s called the Maiz Morado Black Corn that comes with black color.

5 – Purple Lady Bok Choy:

Even though purple lady bok choy is usually seen purple, it has also been found in black color as well.

They are sweeter than other varieties of bok choy found on earth.

6 – Black Magic Kale:

Kale has many different varieties.

One of which is called the lacinato, also known as black magic kale.

It has extremely dark leaves that are packed with many nutrients to take advantage of.

7 – Purple Teepee Beans:

Purple teepee beans are not only considered purple but black as well due to the fact that these beans are very dark.

This is another black vegetable on the list.

8 – Mini Black Tomatillos:

Mini black tomatillo is a variety of physalis that usually comes with orange, yellow, or red color.

The color of this variety is purplish-black – being more black than it is purple.

9 – Black Hungarian Peppers:

Black Hungarian peppers are another black-colored vegetable on this list.

They mature in about 90 days and are one of the popular varieties of peppers found in Hungary.

10. Dakota Black Popcorn:

This popcorn variety called Dakota Black Popcorn comes with a dark black color.

Not only does it look good but tastes just as well.

11. Black Radish:

Black radishes are very hot and spicy.

They have a white flesh that is covered in black skin.

They mature in a little over a month.

12. Black Salsify:

Black salsify is another black-colored vegetable that exists throughout the world.

It comes with a pale flesh that is covered in a black outer skin.

The flavor of black salsify is rich and creamy.

13. Syrian black eggplant:

Syrian black eggplant is an eggplant variety that comes with a dark purplish-black color.

They are just as healthy and nutritious as the other regular eggplants.

14. Thai Kang Kob Pumpkin:

Thai Kang Kob pumpkin is a pumpkin variety that has a black outer skin that covers the sweet orange flesh inside.

This variety of pumpkin is often used in the making of curries and soups.

These are all the black vegetables that we could find for you.

However, there are many more black foods – not just vegetables – if you’d like to read more of those.

Do you have any other vegetable that has a black color that you think we missed?

Feel free to let us know using the comments section and we’ll add it.

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