The Complete List of Pink Vegetables Around the World

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pink vegetables
This article lists all of the pink vegetables that exist around the world, so you don't have to search for them anymore.

If you are looking for pink vegetables, look no more; we did the research for you and found all of the vegetables that are pink in color.

We also have foods here, not just vegetables, in case you are looking for pink foods.

Also, if you find that this list is lacking any pink-colored vegetable, please let us know using the comments section below – we would love to complete this list of pink vegetables.

With that being said, let’s look into the pink vegetables that exist around the world.

You may have heard about some of them already, we believe.

Let’s start.

List of Pink Vegetables Around the World:

Following are pink-colored vegetables that exist all around the world.

1. Rhubarb:

Rhubarb is the first pink-colored vegetable that comes to mind.

It belongs to the family Polygonaceae.

Its color varies from pink to red.

You can eat it any way you want but it is usually cooked before being consumed.

2. Pink Radicchio:

Pink radicchio originates from Italy.

However, they are easily available in different countries all over the world.

This pink-hued lettuce has a mild, sweet taste that can be used in salads.

Also, the fact that pink radicchio can be found in different countries makes it vary in sizes.

3. Radish:

Radishes vary in colors and sizes.

They also exist in light-skinned pink color.

However, the color of it depends on when the radish is cultivated.

It is a root vegetable, making it another pink-colored vegetable on this list.

4. Banana Squash:

Even though squash contains seeds and is considered as a fruit, botanically, it is cooked and being consumed as a vegetable.

There are numerous types of squash available to us today.

One of those types is called banana squash or cucurbita maxima that comes with a pink color.

5. Heirloom:

Heirloom is another pink vegetable on this list.

It is one of many types of tomatoes around the world.

This type of tomato occasionally gives a hue of pink color.

6. Rainbow Carrots:

Like other vegetables, carrots also have many types that come in different colors.

Rainbow carrots are pink to purple in color, depending on when they are cultivated.

This type of carrots is not usually available in many countries around the world.

7. Ornamental Cabbage:

Ornamental cabbage is also an edible cabbage type just like the others.

This type, however, is fancier due to the fact that it comes with beautiful leaves having different colors including pink.

Ornamental cabbage is usually not seen in markets due to its non-availability to many countries.

8. Chard:

Chard, also known as Swiss chard, is another pink vegetable on this list.

It is an edible green leafy vegetable that has long stalks with a pink color.

It is said that chard is related to beetroot and tastes like it as well.

These are all the pink vegetables that exist around the world.

Do you think we missed any pink vegetable?

Let us know in the comments section below and we will add it.

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